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Welcome to Casa Girla!   We love this area of Los Angeles, and as the name implies, Cheviot Hills is hilly--offering many of us spectacular views.  When the  house next door to us was listed for sale, we bought it to protect our privacy and views--all ten houses on our cul de sac are one-story and offer lovely city views.  Casa Girla was in such disrepair that it was a good candidate for knocking down and building a two-story--completely changing our living experience.  So we bought it and embarked on a  twelve-month remodeling journey,  beginning with a new roof, skylights, new kitchen, floors, landscaping, and on and on and on.   And finally Casa Girla is ready for its close-up! 

This is my second vacation rental property--some of you  may remember my beach apartment in Santa Monica that I rented in the mid 2000's.  I owned a triplex and rented out a 2-bedroom as a vacation rental. I met interesting people from all over the world and had lots of repeat guests.  So that was my immediate thought when my husband and I discussed what to DO with Casa Girla, now that we owned it!  As I did in Santa Monica, I've tried to create a comfortable place that's a fun and relaxing home base while you and yours explore all the wonderful offerings of Los Angeles.  Cheviot Hills is a great location if you will be visiting a variety of places during your Los Angeles stay--the Beaches from Malibu to the South Bay, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Hollywood,  Beverly Hills, Disney Hall--wherever your passions take you. 

We like to stay in vacation rentals when we travel, and we know what is important to us.  At the top of the list is cleanliness, comfort, and quiet.   Privacy and a well-stocked kitchen.  Comfy beds and furniture.  And our number one beef--OK, 2 beefs--furniture that looks good in the pictures but is just plain uncomfortable, and poor lighting---doesn't anybody read anymore?!!

So check out our pictures, our location --and let us know if Casa Girla looks like a place you'd like to relax in.
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